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Dumoine River 3-day Guided Tour Canada Day with Accommodations

July 1, 2021 @ 7:00 am - July 3, 2021 @ 5:00 pm EDT


Dumoine River 3-day Guided Tour Canada Day Long Weekend


Did you decide where to go on Canada Day? Do you like adventure? Would you like to explore the wilderness and rest from civilization in the charming corner of the boreal forest hidden in southwest Quebec? We invite you to join us for the Canada Day weekend in one of the most amazing places – on the Dumoine River.

Within a few days, you will have the opportunity to observe sunsets and dawn, both from the land and water, paddling in the canoe on Robinson Lake, watch beavers in the morning fog, look if first summer mushrooms started to grow, and listen for a variety of birds.

We may even see a moose!

… or kissing beavers …

We will start our visit by hiking along a newly restored education trail running along Grande Chute – a stunning series of waterfalls, rapids, canyons, and coves that extends for over 500 meters – you will have plenty of opportunities to take in the scenery from a series of look-out spots.

The trail then proceeds along through old pine and mixed forests before coming out to Robinson Lake. While the Grande Chute trail represents a hike of about 3 km (each way from our campsite), several other sections of the trail are available, including one taking us to the historic Red Pine Rapids where we will borrow a portage trail that has been in constant use for over 5000 years!

Immersed in the wilderness, we gather around the campfire at the end of the day to share stories and impressions.

We can also plan to talk about the past and future of our civilization (it would be good to discuss impression after reading “Sapience: a brief history of humankind” written by Yuval Noah Harari), thoughts about nature conservation in Canada and why it is so important now, in the challenging time of human development. We’ll talk also about “simple” and “complicated” natural things…

Please, be also advised that this is a real wilderness area. There is no cell signal, no electricity, no running water (no showers), and that we will be using an outhouse.


Robinson Lake site at ZEC Dumoine (approximately 2.5 hours from Ottawa)



Day 1:

  • Arrival in Swisha and registration at ZEC Dumoine – July 1, 9:30-10:00 am (time of driving from Ottawa to Swisha approximately 2 – 2.5 hours) – John MacDonnell, co-host of the event, will meet us there to help reach the destination place – the campsite on the Robinson Lake.
  • Cars can be left at the town hall in Swisha at 48, rue de l’Eglise. Please park away from the building and the mailboxes.
  • We’ll stop at the Grande Chute to look at the raging water streams and take several pictures of fascinating landscapes.
  • Establishment of camp at the Robinson Lake site (until lunchtime).
  • Lunch at the campsite – communication.
  • Hikes in the area around the camp, canoe tours.
  • Dinner around the campfire.

Day 2:

  • Morning hike to the Stevens Pond (beaver family observation in the morning fog).
  • Breakfast at the camp.
  • Hike on the education trail along Dumoine River: several lookouts with view on the picturesque rapids of the Dumoine River, landscape photography, observation of nature, we’ll talk about the history of the “Last of the wild rivers” (Wallace Schaber).
  • Lunch and communication.
  • Evening hikes, swimming, canoeing, fishing (you need to have the Quebec permit for fishing), picking mushrooms.
  • Dinner and stories around the fireplace.

Day 3:

  • Early morning breakfast.
  • Hike along the Red Pine trail (other picturesque rapids down of the river, new interesting trail for explorers).
  • Lunch at campsite, swimming, canoeing, fishing, picking mushrooms.
  • Return to Ottawa in the late afternoon (we plan to leave the area around 5:00 pm).

Special conditions:

  1. We register all participants at the campsite at Robertson Lake for 3 days and pay the fees to stay on the campsite for all participants, but you need to pay the entrance fees at the first place ZEC-Dumoine – 10$ for the car for all time to stay in the area;
  2. We need the following data for registration at the campsite:  names of the participants, addresses, including postal code, and a telephone number.
  3. If you wish to drive yourself to the campsite, you will need a high clearance vehicle as the roads are rough. We encourage carpooling and we have access to one high clearance vehicle which can take 5 people and gear. If you have a high clearance vehicle and wish to offer to drive to the campsite with others, please let us know.
  4. We have a canoe at the site, but you can also bring your own canoe or kayak. If you are planning to paddle, please bring a lifejacket.
  5. We provide food and all supplies for cooking at the camp, but you need to have your own plastic / reusable mugs, dishes, spoons as well as any alcoholic beverage if you plan to take any, we will provide fresh water, coffee, and tea.
  6. Do not forget sunscreen and mosquito spray! The forecast is for wet weather, but it should be very warm in the area.
  7. You need to have sportswear for hiking, swimming, canoeing, especially good hiking shoes. Do not forget the warm pullovers, because evening and morning at the Dumoine may be fresh and chilly! A light rain jacket will be also needed due to the forecast.
  8. If you need tents or sleeping bags, please, inform us. We have some extra!
  9. Please bring a backpack for hikes, a camera, and binoculars if you have them.

Please, contact us regarding all conditions of this trip and your diet, especially, if you are vegetarian.

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