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CEO of the Holarctic Bridge

Elena says that nature has always inspired her since childhood. This passion led her to the biological faculty of a university in central Russia, where she received a specialization in vertebrate zoology, wildlife management and conservation biology. After graduating from the university, the same passion forced her to go to mountains of Central Asia. Elena have lived and worked in Central Asia for over 25 years and contributed her passion to study and protection of the magnificent nature of this region. Elena continued to work in the field of biodiversity study and conservation in Canada. At the same time, here she had the opportunity to purchase a good camera for wildlife photography and this became her new absorbing hobby. Elena well recognizes the danger for the future of human civilization on the Earth if we lose even a part of the splendid diversity of wildlife that we are surrounded by now. But she is absolutely sure that we can save this marvelous biodiversity if together with knowledge of natural laws, we learn to appreciate its beauty and recognize the legitimate rights to coexist in our wonderful world.


Coordinator of photo content

Wildlife Photography

Vladimir Morozov also began to be interested in nature in early childhood. His interest in birds was strengthened while studying at the University of Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he not only collected data on bird nesting, but also began to be engaged in wildlife photography. Working at the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Vladimir combined research interests with photographs of birds and other animals. Gradually, the passion for photography won, and Vladimir began to devote more time to his hobby, which grew into his new profession – an animal photographer. Vladimir is the author of many colorful albums about the nature of Central Asia. Together with his colleagues, he traveled the entire Central Asian region, far and wide, both collecting data on birds and in search of successful pictures for new albums. After moving to Canada, Vladimir continued to do what he liked, but as a hobby. Although his work in the field of wildlife photography is always distinguished by high professionalism, filigree accuracy of display, the perfect photography technique and artistic value. In this book, Vladimir is the author of most photographs of birds.



Mark Pestov is an expert in reptiles of Northern Eurasia (PhD in Biology – Ecology) and coordinator of the Society for the Protection of Amphibians and Reptiles at the Ecological Center “Dront” (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). He successfully participated and takes part currently in many biodiversity conservation projects as coordinator and consultant, working in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the Caucasus.
At the same time, Mark is the author of photographs and popular science texts, including the magazines “National Geographic – Young Traveler” and “National Geographic-Russia”, “Ecology and Life”, “Science and Life”, “Animal World “,” Our flora and fauna “, television and radio. The author of about 100 scientific and popular scientific publications devoted to the study, promotion and protection of biodiversity. Since 2006, Mark works on projects in Kazakhstan. He is involved in studies and conservation of biodiversity at Ustyurt State Nature Reserve of Kazakhstan. He served as a consultant of the project for scavenger birds’ study, witnessed the first observation of Persian Leopard in the republic (a photo trap). Mark advocated for including the Persian leopard in the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan and participated in design of the National Action Plan for the Conservation of the Persian Leopard in Kazakhstan.


Sergey Toropov is a biologist on his education. During his long professional carrier, he had worked as a collector and a director of Zoologycal Museum in the Kyrgyz State University. Later, he was engaged in a certification of wildlife areas in Kyrgyzstan and worked as a head of Ichthyological Service and then as a Director of Regional Administration for the protection of fish resources in Kyrgyz and Tajik SSRs. After collapse of Soviet Union, Sergey worked as a Manager of the Group for providing of foreign trophy-hunting tours in Kyrgyzstan of the Kyrgyz Union for Hunting and Fishery. At the same time, all hiss life he was involved in the organizing of field expeditions to study wildlife of Kyrgyzstan and other countries of Central Asia. He organized more than 80 expeditions. At present, Sergey continue to work in the field, but as an organizer of the wildlife tours in Kyrgyzstan for entomologists, birdwatchers, plant-watchers and simply for people who like mountains and wildlife. At the same time, Mr. Tooropov is a principal author of a series of illustrated books about butterflies and beetles of Middle Asia


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