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Our vision is based on understanding that only through communication, cooperation and knowledge sharing we can achieve the sustainable future that we want, the future where the principles of sustainability: economic, social and environmental integrity – provide the basis for decision-making and good governance.


The mission of Holarctic Bridge is to link the existing gaps in knowledge and approaches in the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity of natural ecosystems between different countries through cooperation and consultation services in the area of environmental safeguarding, conservation science and sustainability, sharing knowledge and raising awareness.


Книга на Русском – “Птицы Вокруг Нас” – Часть 2 – Печатная Версия – Предзаказ

cover - russian book about birds

Книги на Русском – “Птицы Вокруг Нас” – в 2ух Частях – Печатная Версия

Mushrooms: Dumoine River area, September 2020

Mushrooms of Dumoine River

Книга на Русском – “Птицы Вокруг Нас” – Часть 1 – Печатная Версия

Книга на Русском - "Птицы Вокруг Нас" - Часть 1 - Печатная Версия

Mountains of Central Asia in photos of Sergei Toropov

Summer in mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Vladimir Morozov collection: My Ontario

Raccoons are well adapted to live in human neighborhood