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Vladimir Morozov also began to be interested in nature in early childhood. His interest in birds was strengthened while studying at the University of Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he not only collected data on bird nesting, but also began to be engaged in wildlife photography. Working at the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Vladimir combined research interests with photographs of birds and other animals. Gradually, the passion for photography won, and Vladimir began to devote more time to his hobby, which grew into his new profession – an animal photographer. Vladimir is the author of many colorful albums about the nature of Central Asia. Together with his colleagues, he traveled the entire Central Asian region, far and wide, both collecting data on birds and in search of successful pictures for new albums. After moving to Canada, Vladimir continued to do what he liked, but as a hobby. Although his work in the field of wildlife photography is always distinguished by high professionalism, filigree accuracy of display, the perfect photography technique and artistic value. In this book, Vladimir is the author of most photographs of birds.